Monday, February 4, 2013

LOAD, 213, Day 4: Scrapbook a Goal

Today's challenge was to scrapbook a goal.  At the beginning of the year, I signed up for Ali Edwards' One Little Word class.  I have had my word picked out since before the first of January arrived, but I have been busy with so many other projects that I hadn't completed the work for the class for January.  When Lain said to scrapbook a goal today, I knew this was a great opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone.  Having my one little word be at the forefront of my mind this year is a goal of mine, so this seemed like the perfect fit.  That's the beauty of LOAD folks - as long as you're creating every day, you're good (though I don't think cards are accepted as entries).

Here are my "layouts" for today.  You'll notice on page 2 a hand drawn self portrait (don't you just envy my artistic ability?).  I plan to replace that with a picture of me holding the word "NOW."  I stopped at Joann's tonight and picked up the letters to decorate - so I'll be substituting my hand drawing rather quickly! 

I made the definition card and the card listing the synonyms in Photoshop.  I cut out the 12 card with "now" on them on my Cameo, added some paper behind the negative word, stamped 12 areas of my life I want to work on this year and then added three goals to achieve in that area of my life.  Not quite the assignment as Ali gave it to us, but this is the way that worked for me.  I finished off each card with some washi tape.  I took the letters that were cut out from my cards and placed them in a pseudo-shaker box style sleeve and then slid that in the protector.

The January assignment is done!  YAY!  Now I'm only 4 days behind on the February one.  LOL.  I figure all good things, in time.  I want to do things NOW, but I have to make decisions about what is the most important task to complete NOW.

(No process video for these - I did record me making them, but honestly, I just babbled my way through it and it's rather a mess.  I'll have two process videos for you guys up tomorrow or Wednesday, one will be for the LOAD challenge and one will be for a layout I made this weekend just because!  My project life video will also be posted later this week.)

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