Thursday, May 10, 2012

Silhouette Cutting - Purple Pigs

My friend (though, I think of her as a sister) called last night and asked for some die cut pigs - I have no idea what she wants these pigs for, but I'm happy to oblige.

Pulled up the Silhouette store and went on a pig hunt.  Found two that I liked.  One is a little cartoonish and the other reminds me of one of those diagrams you'd find at the butcher's to tell you where the cut of pork comes from.

Here are the two designs I chose.

Now, Ms. Laura wanted some purple pigs (does anyone else have trouble figuring out what parts to cut what color - it took me forever).  Here they are cutting on the Silhouette - sorry for the light coming in the window.  We're actually seeing sun today.

And after putting all those little pieces of the cartoonish pig together - those eyes are a pain - here are the collection of Ms. Laura's purple pigs.

And on this one, I actually tried to get a little fancy and do some shading.  Patience and more time and I think I could have done it justice.


One thing I realized though, is I could cut out all different shapes like this on Copic compatible paper and then do some real shading and coloring.  Good to know.

Another thing I realized is that before I sit down to make a layout, I really need to look through all of the images I own for the Silhouette.  This will definitely help me to increase using the machine which would eventually justify the buying of the Cameo.

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