Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scrapbook Layout: LOAD, Day 4:

LOAD, day 4's challenge was about focusing on other senses besides sight when thinking about scrapbooking, today, about hearing.  I chose to scrapbook a page about the call of the Bald Eagle - if you've never heard it, I suggest going to you tube and looking it up.  It's not what you'd expect, that's for sure.

Journaling reads:

The bald eagle’s cry is rather surprising. Given its majestic look, its large size, its imposing beak and talons, one would expect its call to be the mightiest of the birds of prey. However, when they lean their heads back to call out, what emerges is a soft, timid cry. Filmmakers may use a bald eagle when they need something that looks powerful, but will often use the red-tailed hawk’s piercing cry when they need something that sounds powerful. 

On a trip to Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Stew, Mom, Dad, and I got to experience the Eagle’s call first hand.  Stew almost caused Dad to wreck the car he yelled out to stop so fast.  I was irritated with him for all of one second, before I realized exactly what he was pointing out.  High in a tree just hanging out and watching the world him or her sat a gorgeous adult Bald Eagle.  We got to experience this sight for a long time as the bird remained comfortably observing for awhile.  She (I’m assuming the bird was a she due to the size) would watch as other birds flew near her, but never too close.  As Eagles sit on the top of the bird food chain, I don’t think anyone wanted to disturb her.  We heard a call in a distance that I didn’t recognize, but our bird did.  She replied immediately and I knew what to expect, I’ve listened to recordings of the Bald Eagle’s call and I’ve heard them at the bird rescue and at the zoo, but to see this majestic creature in her nature habitat and to hear her call as clearly as if she were right next to us was a sight to behold.  Once the other eagles came around, she didn’t stick around long.  She flew off in their direction – but we considered ourselves blessed for the time that she did spend with us and for the ability to watch the eagles soar above us.  There were four there in all.  Stew didn’t manage to get the call recorded, but he did take some stunning photos – especially this one as she flew away.  (April 14, 2012)  

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