Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Series: Layout Rewind, Day 20: Valentines

Ahhh, Valentine's Day - a day to celebrate love (or for the more jaded, a day created by card and candy makers to get all of us poor saps to buy the pink and red concoctions that they sell - but far be it from me to be so jaded).  For the look back on past layouts today, I thought I would focus on those centering around Valentine's day or around love in general.  This post is seriously picture heavy.  There's a lot of love in my life, folks.

Layout celebrating the love of my life, my Stewbert.  Layout created February 2011

Our Anniversary 2009 - together 3 years, married 2.  Stew and I seem to always forget our anniversary, but mom never does.  We normally remember when her card comes in the mail.  (Layout created March 2011)

Valentine's Day 2009

WTK made this card for me.  Look at his little hands.  (Created March 2011)

The cards I received from Steve and Stew.  Stew's has the requisite monkeys and Steve's highlights my obsession with grammar (which I tend to let go a bit while writing on this blog - those hanging prepositions, sometimes when you write it the way that is correct, it just sounds a little too haughty.)  (Created March 2011)

Just because cards Stew gave me in February 2008 - to say I was having a bad time is an understatement, but Stew is always supportive and understanding and these just show that.  (Created March 2011)

For Valentine's Day 2008, Stew and I spent the weekend in Baltimore.  We saw the Blue Man Group and visited the Aquarium.  (Pages created March 2011)

Dinner at Sabatino's - the best cannolis ever.  (Layout created March 2011)

 Cards I received for Valentine's Day 2008.  (Layout created March 2011).  Love the cut outs, made with the Cricut.

Valentine's Day cards received for 2007.  (Created June 2011)

Cute Valentine's Day picture of WTK from 2009.  (Created July 2011)

I don't know when this picture was taken, but I know it's adorable.  (Layout created July 2011)

Everyone knows the story of how Stew and I met.  I saved all of the correspondence from the Yahoo Personals site when we were getting to know one another.  (Created July 2011)


July 2006 - our first dance at Matt and Kelly's wedding.  We danced to Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing".  It became our song.  (Created July 2011)

Cute Valentine's Day card from GDH.  Not sure of the date on this.  Page created July 2011.



  1. I never even thought of using pockets for layouts, thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. I can't throw cards that people have given me away. I have kept them all. After I lost my mom, I was so glad that I did. Used her handwriting on one of them as a tattoo on my arm.

      Putting them into the pockets on the page seemed the easiest way to do them - though they take up a bit of space in the album. I like that they're all there.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Love the bottle caps in the first layout. And the button heart one with the little cutie. and I like how you have pages with just cards too. I need to start putting cards in my albums more I hold onto them so I can but I keep leaving them out unless im using them on the page with a pic. Tfs!

  3. The photos are gorgeous!!! I LOVE the idea of making a page to store/display cards that you've received! I never know what to do with old cards! Great idea!

  4. How fun are your layouts...seriously inspired...Making me want to pull out my project life stuff. =) A little behind.