Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Series, Layout Rewind, Day 1, Wedded Bliss

I thought for the month of November, I would share some of my older layouts as a way of getting all of the layouts I've done since I've started scrapping up on this here blog.  I've made over 300 layouts since I started scrapping and I find it really interesting to go back and look at where I started to where I am now.  I don't ever have the urge to redo a layout - mostly because there are always new and better pictures to scrap - but there are some of these that make me cringe when I look at them.  Hey, it's all part of the process of learning, right?

So for the next 30 days, I hope to share with you pages I've made as scrapping has gone from a hobby to a passion for me.  The layouts won't be posted in any particular order and I'll share what I remember about them as best I can.

I hope you enjoy looking back with me.

And now, to stop babbling and get started....

This layout was created in early 2010.  It's the first time I printed a photo at 8x10 and used that photo as the basis for my entire layout.  The photo in the bottom right is the one printed at 8x10.  I learned a valuable lesson with this layout.  See the pearls - they were straight when I put them in the binder.  Always let things dry first - or a better way to do pearls is to actually string them and then attach the string to the page.  Each layout teaches us something!


(Layout made with Betsy Tuma, digital scrapbooking kit: Eloquent Autumn - free at

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